Arguments against the use of natural bio-identical hormones

  1. Q."Patients may develop high levels of hormone and cause side effects." A.For this reason it is important to have regular blood tests to exclude excessively high levels.
  2. Q."Compounding chemists are not scrutinised adequately by the authorities." A.It is important to only use a chemist who has a reputation and experience going back over several years.We recommend only chemists who are members of The Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia(PCCA).
  3. Q."Testosterone and DHEA have not been approved for use in women in Australia ." A. These medications are able to be legally used in prescription medications.
  4. Q."There has been little research into these preparations and women who take them are essentially guinea pigs experimenting with hormones." A. Unfortunately all hormones are experimental in the sense that natural and synthetic medications often are trialled and then rejected in favour of another preparation. Some patients have spent many years trying to find a pill or HRT that suits them.

Arguments used in support of treatment with bio-identical hormones

  1. Bio-identical hormones are synthesised from plant hormones identical in structure to the natural hormones produced by the body. These hormones are able to be used, processed and excreted normally by the body and have no toxic degradation by-products.
  2. Bio-identical hormones can be used to supplement falling levels of the body's natural hormones.
  3.  Dosage can be adjusted and individualised for each patient based on the response to therapy and as a result of monitoring with blood tests.
  4. Hormones can be provided in quantities that reflect the normal balance of hormones in the body.


Each patient has to assess the risks and benefits of the treatment they are considering and then make an informed decision based on the available evidence. If in doubt undertake further research and seek a second opinion.