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Spinach Compounds Slash Food Cravings

Posted on April 9, 2014, 6 a.m. in Weight and Obesity Functional Foods
Chlorophyll-containing membranes present in the chloroplasts of green leaves, thylakoid are found abundantly in spinach. Previous studies have reported that thylakoids supplemented with a high-fat meal can affect cholecystokinin (CCK), ghrelin, insulin and blood lipids in humans. Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, from Lund University (Sweden), and colleagues enrolled 15 men and women in a study in which the participants consumed a concentrated thylakoid preparation each morning. Subjects reported that the compound seemed to make it easier to forego snacking between meals.

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Stenblom EL, Montelius C, Ostbring K, Hakansson M, Nilsson S, Rehfeld JF, Erlanson-Albertsson C. “Supplementation by thylakoids to a high carbohydrate meal decreases feelings of hunger, elevates

CCK levels and prevents postprandial hypoglycaemia in overweight women.” Appetite. 2013 Sep;68:118-23.


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